The ephemeral creations

of a wandering mind...


Love this piece!

by Tammy Hoy

Good People, welcome. 

Creativity, expressed through art, is innately a part of me. I don't know why this gift (or curse) was bestowed on me. And I don't know why I have kept it mostly under wraps for this long. Maybe I have been selfish or maybe I was too scared to share it with you... maybe I feared that you wouldn't see the beauty I saw, either way that ends now.  

This will be space for me to share my creations in all its forms, with you.  Please stay awhile.  Enjoy some of the wanderings of my mind.




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One of One Designs. The ephemeral creations of a wandering mind ...aka I take cool photographs, trying to capture the beauty and art that surrounds us. Photography and Art

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